Welcome to my creative mind

Welcome to my creative mind

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Talent and Vulnerabililty

For many years I didn't realize that being able to choose color, fabrics, furnishings, treatments, and accessories, had anything to do with talent, I thought it was all about money. Since I was a young girl I could visualize how a room could feel better, just in the way it was arranged, or even if I could just add a couple of necessary accessory elements, it would improve significantly! I didn't understand that this was my special talent, but I soon came to discover, in any field of creativity, that not all talents are created equally.

What I've discovered about talent in any area, is our own set of talents and personality characteristics, sets us all apart from each other. My area of expertise is taking any size budget, whether it's a $100 or $100,000 and coming up with creative ideas to maximize any home or office space. Because I'm a people person, I can also blend husband and wife design preferences, into a scheme that compliments the other, so there is a harmony and flow that couples love.

 Being invited into a clients home is a special privilege. There is certainly vulnerability when hiring a designer, and I've found that most clients are timid to admit they need help. In order to help a client to  accomplish their goals I really dig into routines, habits, likes, dislikes, self discovery, and even hopes, wishes, and dreams.

It's great to know, one of my talents is helping the client feel comfortable, relaxed and able to truly enjoy the journey in creating a new inspiring environment!! In getting to know my clients so personally, I feel so blessed to have surrounded myself with such beautiful and inspiring people! I'm sure in any business, owners get inspired and encouraged everyday by the people they come in contact with. But as I've been spending a couple of hours visiting with a few of my clients, while I "fluff" things up for pictures, it's been so fun to remember the 1st moments and impressions.

I remember meeting all of my clients, some were strangers to me, and some not. But the lucky part is, having a good friend when the work is done! Thank you dear friends for being willing to get vulnerable and trusting me!!

Shawna's House Part 2

Okay the bedrooms for her daughters turned out so great, it would be a shame not to post them!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Shawna's House

I spent this morning with one of my favorite clients. I am going around from client to client's homes and commercial spaces and taking pictures of my work.

In Shawna and Steve's new home, the main floor and upstairs level was already complete. However it was time to make it their own, including finishing out the basement.

In her family room, there used to be slated rock around the lower area of the columns that separate the room from the kitchen and entry areas. We decided to paint the entire home according to their taste. We also removed the rock, and framed the lower columns with wainscoting and painted it white.

As you will be able to tell from the pictures, my clients wanted a light more cottage/traditional feel, instead of the current dark traditional/old world feel. Instead of completely refinishing all the woodwork, we incorporated and blended to the styles together. It turned out to be the perfect look for them! Check it out:           Family Room

Next you will see the parlor:

 ..Takes so long to upload pics, that I'll get more on this home later..Gotta run!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


So I've been designing an Eye Clinic in Spanish Fork, Utah for a few months now. It's been great to use my talents in creating a new construction build out.

Currently I'm designing the optical area. And in designing the fixtures that hold eye glass frames I came across a new product..SOOOOO cool!!!! MDF wall panels that come in 4x8' lengths and you get to choose the vinyl, pattern, and  board thickness. Check it out!! It's exciting when you find a company that can give you a custom design look with out feeling like you're breaking the bank!

If you like a custom contemporary feel..http://soelbergi.com/textur3d/

Have a great day!